Introducing "Matthew 24: Understanding the End-Times with Leah Ramirez" - a teaching series that takes a deep dive into the words of Jesus as recorded in the 24th chapter of the book of Matthew. Join Leah Ramirez as she unpacks the meaning behind each verse and helps you gain a clearer understanding of what Jesus meant when he spoke about the end-times.

Features include:
✔ In-depth exploration of Matthew 24
✔ Unique insights into end-times events
✔ Biblical and historical texts used and cited for further study
✔ Notes included in the player.  Just click the information icon
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Matthew 24:  Understanding the End-Times


With this study, you'll gain a better understanding of the events leading up to the end of times, as well as how to prepare for them. Whether you're a seasoned scholar or just starting your spiritual journey, our study is an excellent resource to deepen your understanding of the Word. Download now and start exploring the fascinating and sometimes complex world of biblical prophecy.

Mathew 24 Study Guide

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Audio Player Instructions

If you want to follow along with the teaching notes, simply click the 'i' for information in the podcast player. There you will find a link to the notes for each session. We hope this helps you navigate the series more easily and get the most out of the teachings.