Leah Ramirez:
Awakening Hearts, Igniting Prayer


ASK FOR THE NATIONS - Intercessor, Preacher, Revivalist, 2017 - Present
In 2017, we embarked on a profound journey of faith. Sensing the Lord's unmistakable call, we stepped away from the familiar and wholeheartedly embraced a life of ministry across the USA. The decision to sell all our possessions and invest in an RV marked a radical turning point for our family.

Throughout this extraordinary chapter, our daily family devotions have blossomed into everything we had hoped. As we journey from city to city, we've become enthusiastic collaborators with local churches across regions, dedicated to uniting the Body of Christ. Our mission has led us to organize and lead expansive regional prayer and evangelism gatherings, spearhead teaching and equipping conferences, and take on strategic prayer assignments in regions and nations.

Despite our wealth of experience in ministry, this distinctive season of serving as a family unit has brought both unique challenges and rich rewards. . We've learned a lot, and we're still learning.  We know God is shaping us, conforming us into the image of His Son.  The greatest treasure of our lives has been experiencing together the joy of union with Christ, and the adventure is just beginning.

CHRIST FOR ALL NATIONS - Prayer Director and Regional Mobilizer, 2014-2017
As the Prayer Director and Regional Mobilizer for Christ for All Nations from 2014 to 2017, I had the honor of immersing myself in a remarkable mission. During this time, I dedicated several months to each region, passionately preparing and uniting communities in prayer.

My role culminated in the organization of large-scale regional prayer gatherings that served as a powerful prelude to stadium campaigns led by the renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. It was within this unique environment that I learned firsthand about the transformative power of prayer and the immense impact of unity.

In the week leading up to the stadium evangelism events with Bonnke, I orchestrated and led 24/7 prayer sessions that involved collaboration with local churches and worship teams. This intensive prayer initiative served as the spiritual foundation, leading the way into these impactful events.

One resounding declaration from Evangelist Bonnke, "America shall be saved!" resonates deeply with me, and I continue to believe in the transformative power of faith, prayer, and the simplicity of the Gospel. This experience has profoundly shaped my ministry and my unwavering commitment to spreading the message of salvation and unity.

RESOUND MISSIONS BASE - Founder and Director, 2007-2017
At Resound Missions Base, I embarked on a deeply fulfilling journey, where I had the privilege of establishing and overseeing a comprehensive ministry ecosystem. We listened, obeyed, and, slowly but surely, God caused our steps to become more established. Our mission was clear: to help individuals unearth their God-given purpose and empower them to take their initial steps into the deep waters of faith.

Our journey began with the creation of a Ministry Training School, initially welcoming 33 dedicated full-time students. Our call was elegantly simple: come and spend extended, extravagant time with Jesus and witness the transformation that unfolds. Jesus did not disappoint us; He showed up, and we were all changed! We studied the Bible together every day and learned how to pray corporately. We knew we didn't want to be an echo of any other movement, not because we didn't value what God was doing in other places, but because we were so desperate to experience Him for ourselves. As we learned how to engage with God together, we eventually launched a thriving house of prayer with over 30 hours a week open to the public. Those prayers are still active, still producing fruit!

As God transformed our hearts in very personal ways, a deep compassion for our community grew. We moved our ministry to the red-light district of Orlando, where we could be most effective. We wanted to be with the people who we knew were most hurting. We launched high school and college outreaches, started inner-city children's programs, initiated a weekly feeding program for over 100 homeless and vulnerable individuals, and worked with local strip clubs to minister to the dancers and workers. We served at local pregnancy crisis centers and rallied thousands to Stand4LIFE across Florida and eventually the nation. We took on big projects with no budget, and yet, God always came through.

We wanted to teach our students how to think in terms of taking cities and regions, not just building their local church. We're so happy to say that several of these outreaches still continue, run by those very students who started with us all those years ago. We're proud of them!

Our journey eventually led us to establish a vibrant and welcoming church community. The truth is we were seeing so many salvations within some of the hardest-hit communities. We couldn't find a suitable church home for them, and as we prayed about what to do, we were led to launch a church. Deeply committed and rooted in the Word together, we learned what it was to be in a real community of people doing all to live out their faith in Jesus. These were some of my most rewarding years. I think about and long for this expression of family to be the normal experience of the church."

CHURCH IN THE SON - Prayer and Outreach Director, 2002-2008
In my role as the Prayer and Outreach Director at Church in the Son, I undertook a diverse array of responsibilities aimed at enhancing spiritual growth and community involvement.

Upon joining the team, I took the initiative to establish a dedicated prayer room, which became a sacred space for our congregation. I also assumed the responsibility of organizing and leading all corporate prayer gatherings, fostering an environment where our members could come together in unity to seek the presence of God.

Recognizing the vital importance of leadership development, I designed a comprehensive curriculum and served as an instructor for the School of Leaders. This program catered to both emerging and existing cell group leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective ministry.

I played a pivotal role in managing and nurturing a thriving cell group network within our church, providing opportunities for deeper connections and spiritual growth among our members.

One of the highlights of my tenure was the meticulous organization and execution of quarterly leadership gatherings known as Encounter God Weekends. These transformative events provided our leaders with unique opportunities to encounter the presence of God, gain inspiration, and further develop their roles within the church.

In addition, I oversaw and organized all church-wide outreach initiatives, which ranged from engaging with our local community to extending our outreach efforts to broader regions. These initiatives aimed to make a positive impact on lives and share the message of hope.

Throughout my time in this role, I remained dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of spiritual growth, community engagement, and leadership development within the Church in the Son. It was an immensely rewarding experience, and I take pride in having contributed to the spiritual journey of our congregation.

I earned my Bachelor of Science with a Minor in Religion from George Washington University in 1996, and my Ministerial Studies degree from Berean University in 1999.




I'm Leah Ramirez, and I'm here to share the heart of the Gospel with you: it's not just good news; it's a revelation of our union with Christ.

In Galatians 2:20, we discover that our old identity has been co-crucified with Christ. It's not about Jesus dying for us but dying as us. We're invited to immerse ourselves in this truth, living in constant union with Him.

Our real life is found "in Christ." His joy, peace, and inheritance become ours. We've moved beyond self-effort and religious principles; our new life is empowered by the faith of the Son of God.

My mission is to inspire and equip believers to embrace their identity in Christ, step into their divine destinies, and make an enduring impact. The Gospel is more than Kingdom principles and disciplines. It's a call to commune with a Person, to come into union with God!

Join me on this journey as we dive deeper into the profound truth that the Gospel is, indeed, only good news.

Invite Leah to Speak

Invite Leah to Speak

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