Before starting this workshop I had been telling my sister in law the three things I had been asking/praying to God for: discipline, obedience and love for others. She responded with “Oh, you should start this workshop with me called Getting unstuck.” Being an introvert, I reluctantly agreed to do it. 
The workshop and my new tribe of women were amazing. The support and love that we received from one another as we went through each chapter was both shocking and wonderful at the same time. I believed from the first meeting that this was definitely a God thing. He wanted this for all of us!! There were tears, BUT they were healing tears. There was also lots of laughter, love, deep connections, and compassion. I did not even realize until I was asked the question at the end, but what I received from the workshop was exactly what I had been praying and asking God for before it even started: discipline with the assignments, obedience to do it even when I did not feel like it, and love. I found a group of women that I could easily love in just a few weeks. God answered all those prayers and brought me so much more through this workshop!! I truly feel that anyone and everyone would benefit from this workshop and would gain so much more than they intended. Isn’t that how the Lord operates?? He always goes above and beyond to meet us where we are and take us to places we never imagined. 
–Carla S.

When signing up for the workshop I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t realize the extent I was stuck. I simply joined with a friend. That may have been God’s Grace. I was about to embark on a journey of freedom, healing, and purpose. It was challenging, thought provoking, and wonderful. Looking back I’m amazed to see what God did in 6 weeks: a new level of freedom, an understanding of what held me back, healing past hurts that we’re hindering my future and tools to help me going forward. If asked to take the workshop, your answer should be, “YES!”
–Stephanie S.

I recently completed the "Live Inspired: Get Unstuck and Start Living" workshop / course with live instruction by Leah Ramirez. This online course is a well-structured, insightful, and practical guide for anyone feeling stuck in their personal or professional life. The content triggered a huge step in my personal transformation with God and myself. The course taught practical tools and strategies that helped me to understand and break free from old thoughts and limiting patterns and start living inspired. The key to that breakthrough was all in me and I’m so pleased to have this new motivation for what is next! The best part was the connection I received with the group of participants who
shared their lives, hearts and struggles so vulnerably, that we have formed a new tribe of friendships that will continue on. 
I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking for fresh perspective from the normal “self help” strategies and use this course as a push towards living a more fulfilled inspired life! A real game changer in personal development. 
–Maggie B.

Before this course, I had been unable to share my heart, with God or anyone else. The Lord had been reaching out to me, but I was stuck in a battle within my own heart. When I took the step of faith to share my heart with the individuals in the workshop, it helped open not only the communication with others, but also with the Lord. I learned how to use tools that helped keep both conversations going. Engaging with others in the group helped strengthen me and give me wisdom. When I gave 100% effort, I got the best results, whether in working the material or opening up in the group times. I found there are others who related to exactly where I’d been and what I was going through. All of them helped me get unstuck. 
–Pedro M.

When I initially signed up for the Living Inspired workshop, I think more than just getting unstuck, I was searching for answers. Some of my questions were answered, but not the ones I had when embarking on this journey, because in the course of the workshop, my questions changed. They moved from self-awareness questions to Christ awareness questions. But more than answers, I found friendships; I found deliverance I didn’t know I needed; I encountered a relationship with my savior on another level. A two sided conversation was initiated with my savior about a life of collaboration with Him day to day, moment by moment. And as I shared some of these conversations with my friends in the workshop, it ignited deeper conversations with Holy Spirit as He confirmed and revealed through others what He was doing in and saying to them. What I ultimately gained from this workshop were keys to unlock the well of inspiration God is pouring into those who desire to dream with Him and the freedom to walk out that inspiration in faith. Words are not enough to express the gratitude in my heart for the impact this workshop has had on my life.
–Angie D.

I had been feeling so stuck in my walk with the Lord for some time. It wasn't that I didn't love Him or that I was questioning my relational standing with Him, but I wasn't hearing His voice like I used to, and I couldn't seem to get close enough to Him in my quiet time. Stuck was the perfect word for what I was feeling. So when I saw the part of the description for the workshop about ‘getting unstuck,’ I knew that I needed to do it.   

The weekly challenges were just that, CHALLENGING!!!, but I learned something new with each of them. I was reminded how I loved journaling and creating, but seeing it differently. This fueled my soul in a way I didn’t know I needed. It was also so cool to meet total strangers who quickly became more than just friends in the weekly zoom calls. There was such a safe space to be transparent and to have some pretty deep and personal conversations.

Having my husband join in was really awesome! Watching him go through the challenges and watching him digging in and really pushing himself has really brought us so much closer as a couple. There's just something so special about watching the person you love the most go hard after God. 

I'm still putting into practice all the tools I learned, and I would, without a second thought, take the workshop again!!
–Tammy C.

Live Inspired - Online Workshop Testimonials

Get Unstuck and Start Living

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