Are you ready to answer the call of God and become a burning one? Leah Ramirez's audio teaching series, Burning Ones, will help you understand your divine purpose and how to respond to God's desires. This series unpacks the heavenly encounter recorded in Isaiah 6, where we were made to see the Lord, hear His thoughts, and do great exploits. Discover how Jesus came with fire and power to alter our lives and prepare us for His coming.

Features of this teaching series include:
✔ In-depth exploration of Isaiah 6 and its implications for our lives
✔ Insights into the joy set before Jesus and His desire for us to know Him
✔ Practical guidance for saying yes to the calling of God
✔ Notes included in the player for further study and reflection. Just click the information icon.

Burning Ones

Audio Player Instructions

If you want to follow along with the teaching notes, simply click the 'i' for information in the podcast player. There you will find a link to the notes for each session. We hope this helps you navigate the series more easily and get the most out of the teachings.