Introducing "Beyond Ordinary," an audio series that challenges the culture of doubt and heresy that surrounds us. In this series, we explore the difference between what we know and what we truly believe. We'll tear down the walls of doubt and build up the shield of faith, inviting you to come into a living and active trust with Christ Jesus. Why believe the lies of the devil when you can find salvation and deliverance from harm through faith in Christ? Today is the day of salvation, the day of atonement, and "Beyond Ordinary" offers a source and means of being saved from harm, ruin, or loss. Join us on this journey and experience a deeper understanding of what it truly means to have faith in Christ.

Features of this teaching series include:
✔ In-depth exploration of the Bible and its implications for our lives
✔ Practical guidance for saying yes to the calling of God
✔ Notes included in the player for further study and reflection. Just click the information icon.

Beyond Ordinary

Audio Player Instructions

If you want to follow along with the teaching notes, simply click the 'i' for information in the podcast player. There you will find a link to the notes for each session. We hope this helps you navigate the series more easily and get the most out of the teachings.

The audio for #1 is not great.  Hopefully you can still listen and recieve from it.