(Exodus 11-12, Matthew 18:21-35)

[35] So also my heavenly Father will do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother from your heart.” (Matthew 18:35 ESV)

It’s amazing that we trust Jesus for our salvation, but don’t necessarily believe what He says regarding the Father. We don’t necessarily believe what He says regarding how we should live. There are many who make Jesus out to be a mystic… high and lofty, and far from the realities of our present circumstances. This is just not true. Jesus plainly tells us how we ought to live today!

Peter asked Jesus about forgiving a brother. He balked, “How many times must I forgive? Seven times?” Jesus answered, “Seventy-seven times.” Jesus calls us into His own character… He suffers long over us! He then tells a story about a man who cannot pay a debt, and so he pleads for mercy. He’s forgiven by the king! Later, that same man finds someone who owes him a debt… a small debt. He begins to choke him. When it’s reported back to the king, the king brings in that ungrateful, unworthy fellow and jails him. He requires him to pay the full amount, the amount that had previously been forgiven.

Jesus says this is how it will be with us, if we do not forgive those who sin against us from the heart. Unforgiveness is not a light thing. Bitterness is deadly. Believe Jesus! Let it go! Forgive from your heart. Be free!!