(2 Samuel 13-14, Luke 20:1-26)

…For by the command of Absalom this has been determined from the day he violated his sister Tamar. (2 Samuel 13:32)

It’s been said that time heals all wounds. While it’s true that time can soften our hearts and blur our memory of hurt, time can also have the opposite effect, and magnify our pain. Bitter roots can fester, causing that infection to spread in us, boiling over into our future experiences. And more than that! Bitterness can go viral, causing many to be defiled.

David had a son who needed reproof. This son, Amnon, committed the worst kind of violation, raping his own sister. The scriptures say that David was angry, but the sad truth is that he didn’t do what he needed to do. He didn’t correct Amnon. Maybe it’s because David was thinking of his own moral failures. After all, David had made many mistakes. But not addressing this violation had dire circumstances in David’s family. Another one of David’s sons, Absalom, finally took matters into his own hands and killed Amnon. 

This act of rebellion was just the beginning for Absalom. He would later go on to lead a national coup against the kingship of his father. Time magnified the problem. Jesus commands us to be proactive when we are offended. He commands us to be diligent as we pursue peace and reconciliation. This does not mean looking the other way. This does not mean ignoring mistreatment. Jesus does not ignore our sin… He covers it! Today, consider this. Ask the Holy Spirit to address anything in you that is offended. But that’s not all! Be willing to be brought into reconciliation. This pleases the Lord and will preserve your heart.