(2 Kings 15-17, John 6:1-21)

So these nations feared the Lord and also served their carved images. Their children did likewise, and their children’s children—as their fathers did, so they do to this day. (2 Kings 17:41)

“A little of this and a little of that.” This may indeed be the prescription for making a delicious meal, but mixture, by its very nature as nothing to do with real worship. Mixture is heresy of the deadliest kind. It’s not hard to recognize evil, but when there is a little bit of truth mixed together with rebellion, it takes real discernment.

True fear of the Lord cannot be mixed with a disregard for Him. Have we forgotten the Ten Commandments? He begins with a bang! “You shall have no other gods besides Me.” He commands our absolute loyalty. There is no room for regarding another. He’s jealous for us. He wants all of our hearts, all of our minds, all of our souls, and all of our strength. There is no way to worship this God, and something or someone else.

How can we claim to worship God, while we are enslaved and bound to another? How is it possible to make God our Savior and not our Lord? Friends, it is not possible! If we fear the Lord, then we cast down every other thing. A good husband would never enter into a covenant with a woman still involved in other relationships. No! To enter into covenant, we forsake all others! Our God has betrothed Himself to us. Enter in!