(2 Samuel 10-12, Luke 19:29-48)

For you did it secretly, but I will do this thing before all Israel and before the sun. (2 Samuel 12:12)

The church is in dire need of the reestablishment of the true prophetic and authentic apostolic foundation. We need to recover the true meaning of such words, and the true function of such roles. The Lord did not think it was too extravagant a thing to keep Moses on the backside of nowhere for 40 years as preparation for his calling to deliver. He didn’t think a decade was too long to train David as necessary groundwork to be King of a Israel.

Even after such delay, David still fell into sin. And the Lord sent Nathan to correct him. Nathan told a story of a greedy man who took from the poorest. David was outraged against this man and his greed. Nathan then said what could have cost him his very life, “David, you are that man.” Thankfully, David repented of his sin, but it could have gone another way. Nathan could have been torn in two for giving such a “word.”

Where are the Nathans? Where are those who will speak the word of the Lord because it’s the word of the Lord? It’s an embarrassment to hear of ministries who give “prophetic words” for a specific offering amount. It’s more than embarrassing; it’s utterly tragic. There is simply no way to speak for the Lord without speaking to the Lord. May we recover our fear of the Lord! May God raise up and establish the true prophetic.