(Leviticus 15-17, Matthew 27:1-31)

This is to the end that the people of Israel may bring their sacrifices that they sacrifice in the open field, that they may bring them to the Lord, to the priest at the entrance of the tent of meeting, and sacrifice them as sacrifices of peace offerings to the Lord. (Leviticus 17:5 ESV)

When God claims us, He requires something of us: Our allegiance. Worship is not something that starts when we come to God. We were all worshipping something before we ever came to know the Lord. We were all bowing to something, sacrificing to something, loyal to something… Maybe it was our own appetites, maybe alcohol, maybe our own thoughts.

When we come into relationship with God, through Jesus, we come with our own notions of worship. However, We must learn how to worship the Lord by learning His requirements. Our God is specific about how He will receive our worship. For many, this is where the offense comes. Many are put off that they should have to learn the requirements. After all, isn’t the intention of loyalty enough?

Real worship is a requirement. Alcohol wasn’t content with just part of you. It demanded all of your energy, and time and resources. It demanded to come first, even ahead of your family. And we were willing then to yield. Let’s learn the requirements of our God. It matters how we come and what we bring. Don’t be hardened to this. Worship!