(2 Samuel 7-9, Luke 19:1-28)

Because of your promise, and according to your own heart, you have brought about all this greatness, to make your servant know it. (2 Samuel 7:21)

Why does the Lord test us? So that we will know Him. Why does the Lord bless us? So that we will know Him. Whether we are in an intense time of testing, or a season of intense blessing, we can bring our heart to rest by agreeing with God’s purpose for us in that season. God wants to be known!

Real blessing will lead us into deep humility. It has too! We recognize in blessing that God is fulfilling His word, not because we are awesome, but because He is good. Likewise, in testing we learn how to not lean on our own understanding. In blessing we learn how to not lean on our own strength. He is our upholder. He is the One who fulfills. He shapes us. He refines us. He blesses us. It’s about Him.

Many people say that our greatest shaping occurs in the wilderness. I wonder if those people have ever ascended the hill of the Lord… The mountain top experience is more humbling than any time spent in the valley. Christ calls us to come and sit with Him on His throne in the heavens. He calls us to see from His perspective. Have you ever dared to go up? You won’t have to worry about pride. No! From that high place, there is no confusion that it is God who performs the work. It is God who fulfills His word. It is all Him.