(1 Kings 3-5, Luke 23:1-26)

…but they kept shouting, “Crucify, crucify him!” (Luke 23:21)

There is nothing more offensive than being told that one has been sent to save us, when we cannot see our own need. There is nothing more repulsive to the human heart than being confronted with Christ. After all, we aren’t sinners. After all, we aren’t drowning.

We have all joined in with the shouting, “Crucify, crucify him!” We have joined the tumult, each one of us. You see, only drowning men can receive salvation. Only those who know they are being swallowed up by sin can see their utter need for a Messiah. It’s the great mystery of the ages.

In the Lord’s mercy He brings us low. It’s His mercy! Humility, if it is allowed to do its perfect work, opens our eyes to the love of God. Think of how you came to the saving knowledge of God. For most, the love of God came rushing in during the most difficult of times. Why is that? He always loves. He is always good. It’s because though we don’t know it, we stumble through life like blind men.

Even our religion can protect us from God. Even our ceremony can obscure our view. Our Jesus loved us while we were yet enemies. Now that we are friends, He loves us still. And now, as His friends, we are finally able to receive it.