So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Consider it an explanation of sorts.

I suppose after so many years in one place, with a decade’s long schedule that was pretty well inscribed in ink, I feel I must give an account for the changes. I must provide an answer. Why are we doing this? What exactly are we making ourselves available to, and whom?

Twelve years ago, God gripped my heart with a vision for stadium Christianity. As I was driving past the Citrus Bowl (now Camping World Stadium) in Orlando, I heard the audible voice of the Lord shout behind my right ear, “Leah, fill the bowls and I will pour them out!” That very night, for the first time, I heard Paul Cain’s word from 30 years before about the “nameless and faceless” movement that would come to be called “Stadium Christianity.”

For more than a decade, we (Larry, our ministry school students, our church and me) contended for this word. Many of you may remember how we toured all over Florida, praying in every single stadium, believing for this word to come to pass. Our final stop was there in front of the Citrus Bowl. Over the years, we put in countless hours prayer walking that stadium.

Years later, I would make a call that would change my life, and I believe with all humility, even the very course of history. In what I can only describe as the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I was directed to call the Citrus Bowl and ask them to give the stadium for a move of God. There was just one catch; I wanted it for free. To my amazement, that very day, the manager did give me the stadium… and for free! This one moment, this moment where the faith of God matched the prophetic word, changed everything.

That one phone call brought us into a relationship with Cfan, Reinhard Bonnke, and Daniel Kolenda. It opened the door for us to step out in faith for our own stadium gatherings in Mexico. As you already know, the fulfillment of this culminated earlier this year with The Send, held in this very stadium with Lou Engle.

So what does that have to do with now? What does that have to do with traveling state to state in an RV? Everything! We have a unique history in God that I believe He wants to use to stir up faith across the USA. Maybe that sounds arrogant. It’s not. Not at all. It’s just obedience. There are plenty of places that have been praying for a long time, believing for decades even. They have been faithful. They just need an infusion of faith not only carry it but to push it forth. It’s time!

America is pregnant with revival. No doubt about it! But we can’t stay pregnant forever.

So, Larry had two dreams in the last weeks that we think are giving us some directional insight into this next assignment.


In a dream, I saw President Trump, Lou Engle, and Leah with an entire presidential travel detail. They were on a prayer assignment on the east coast. President Trump and Lou asked Leah to direct the tour throughout the trip. To make the trip more efficient, some businesswomen offered her private business jet for the team to travel.

In the dream, I received a phone call from Leah. She said I needed to bring our personal vehicles and meet her and the team at the airport because President Trump did not like the color of the plane. President Trump wanted Leah to provide our personal vehicles for the trip.  Leah was brought to our home, and we drove all of our vehicles back to the airport so they could continue the tour with Trump and Lou on the east coast. The entire travel security team was able to fit in our vehicles.

Here’s the second dream:


The dream was set around a large boardroom table. In the meeting, an international leader and Leah were discussing how to implement a national strategy for the USA. The leader was looking to Leah for how to roll out the plans

Suddenly, Leah and this leader needed to leave. They gave me the strategy write up, and immediately, the plans turned into a snake.

Here’s what we believe. The first dream with President Trump and Lou feel like another reminder to push forward with the State of the Union Tour. I don’t know who else could be more representative of our nation than President Trump, or who could represent prayer more to us than Lou Engle. Seems pretty clear for us to move forward. The dream seems to speak to us getting this out of the air only and mobilizing on the ground. That RV is coming in handy!

The second dream seems especially important. We had been praying for some time about how to take on such a task. How should we go state to state? The plans turning to a snake immediately brought to my mind the original flag of the thirteen colonies. Remember? The segmented snake with the “Join or Die” motto. We’re going to start how we started as a nation. Could it be that something must be unlocked in prayer with these original states to unlock the country? We think so.So, we will go segment to segment, state by state, doing what we did in Florida all those years ago. Stadium to stadium we will pray, believing for a faith that will match the word. I want to get into every church I can as we make our way south, stirring this up. We’ll post our itinerary shortly!

Pray with us! I’m going to blog about our journey so you can come along. If we are in your state, we would love to have you join us where we are speaking or at the stadiums for prayer. We will keep you updated in real-time on my facebook page. If your church or small group would like us to speak, please send us an email.

Also, we are in the middle of renegotiating on another stadium in the RGV. We are starting to make progress, and I hope to have a date to send you by our next email. We’ve been pushed back a few times, but we are going forward! From border to border, God will have His way!!

In the meantime, we had an incredible connection here in Quebec. We met up with Art Lucier and Dean Briggs, who are doing large gatherings all across Canada. We talked about God’s plans for Canada and the USA, and how we might be able to work together in this coming season. All this way from home, and we are starting to see real God connections for what lies ahead. Much more on that to follow!

If you haven’t already, please prayerfully consider financially partnering with what we are doing. Jump out of the boat with us! Without a church home, we are relying on your generosity to send us on our way. Sometimes I feel embarrassed that I don’t have a better business plan than, “the worker is worthy of his wages (Matthew 10:7-10),” but I’m not going to be ashamed of trusting the Lord and His call on our lives. This is our testimony! I believe it’s going to bear much fruit.

We love you. As always, thanks so much for praying for us. Your calls, texts, and emails come at just the right time. God’s grace and your kind encouragement sustain us week by week. Thank you!