The Burning Ones…By Leah Ramirez


We were made to burn for God.  We’ve heard teaching on John the Baptist… he came with water to prepare the way for the Jesus.  Have you met Jesus the Baptist?  He comes with fire and power, not just to clean the life, but to altar it altogether.  This is the joy set before Him!  This series will unpack the heavenly encounter recorded in Isaiah 6.  We were made to see the Lord, to hear His thoughts concerning us, and to respond to His desires.  God’s desire is for us to know Him and do great exploits.  It’s time to say yes to the calling of God.  It’s time to be sent!



1.  The Burning Ones

2.  Beholding is Becoming

3.  Divine Conversations

4.  A Good Death

5.  Fire from the Altar

6.  Send Me

7.  Go

**Series comes with all of the audio sessions and the teaching notes in PDF form.



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