Speak Love



For several months I’ve been thinking about this theme… What if we did something really radical?  What if we took on a corporate assignment, what if we took on a congregational mandate to speak love.  What if… what if we came into covenant with the Lord to speak only love for the next week… or month… or year?  How many of us would have to radically change the way we “verbally process?”  What would happen if we gave God our tongues?  Do you think it’s possible that just this one change would give God enough room to do His miracles?  I do.

From the beginning of this series, I want to present this as something more than food for thought.  I’m presenting a campaign that I think has the potential to fundamentally change everything about your circumstances.  I think it has the potential to drastically change your workplace. I think it has the potential to completely change your family.


  1. Life in the Spirit
  2. Confession and Agreement
  3. The Power of Blessing
  4. A Change for Life
  5. Reverse the Curse
  6. Ambassadors of Love
  7. Unity and Maturity

*The PDF notes for this audio series is included.


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