Intentional Community



Lots of relationships begin by accident… a stolen glance across a crowded room, a common interest, a sudden bump into a complete stranger. Lots of relationships start by accident, but no relationship was ever built and maintained by accident. Relationships are work. Intimacy with anyone is an effort. It takes time to learn the other person, time to unveil your own heart, and it takes time NOT pursuing something else. To build relationships with anyone, we have to make a decision to not do something else.

In a day when you can get good teaching by simply pressing a button or subscribing to a podcast, why should you make the effort to “do” church? I’m sure you’ve questioned this many times on your drive over on a Sunday. Is doing church worth NOT doing something else?  Let’s be honest and press into the Word.

  1. Intentional Community
  2. The Apostles’ Teaching
  3. The Fellowship
  4. The Breaking of Bread
  5. The Prayers


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