(1 Samuel 19-21, Luke 15:11-32)

… David rose from beside the stone heap and fell on his face to the ground and bowed three times. And they kissed one another and wept with one another, David weeping the most. (1 Samuel 20:41)

Have you ever been betrayed? Have you been misunderstood, even as you sought with all your heart to obey the Lord? You are in good company. This is the story of David, and Jesus, and John, and Paul, and Moses, and… the list goes on and on.

There are seasons when the calling of God seems to bring nothing but pain and misunderstanding. There are times that the Holy Spirit drives us into the wilderness and we are alone. These are real seasons. We are marked and branded by these seasons of intense formings. We are left to ourselves, confounded in our isolation. And like clock work, the devil comes to tempt us. He encircles us with lies and discouragement. But rest assured, you are not alone. Rest assured, you are in the faith. Only persevere.

Press on. Press in. Trust the Lord. Though you may find yourself walking in the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil. The Lord sees you. And the Lord loves you. Press on. Press in. Soon the clouds will clear away, and the light of God’s face will shine once again on you. Only press on. Only press in.