Genesis 23,24; Matthew 8

Abraham said to him, “See to it that you do not take my son back there. (Genesis 24:6 ESV)

In the Kingdom of Heaven, there can be no turning back.  We must burn the bridges!  Once we set out with the Lord, the God of promise, we must reject every notion of turning back from the faith.

There has never been a promise fulfilled by going backwards.  Abraham, our father in the faith, believed the Lord.  He believed that what he Lord promised, He would fulfill in and through his son Isaac, and he didn’t want Isaac to pursue the promise by going back.

In our journey with the Lord, in this walk of faith, we will have many opportunities to turn back.  We will have many opportunities to lose heart, and all of our human “wisdom” will cry out for us to go back.  We must not give in to this deception.  Against all odds, we must press onward.  We must continue to believe the promise and follow the Lord.  This is faith.

Faith is more than the momentary high we feel when we receive the word of promise.  Faith is the journey, the setting of the heart, to believe and regard the Lord even in the valley.  This is faith.  There are times when it is hard.  There are times when it is costly.  And our Lord knows this.  It’s the very reason it is counted as most precious to His heart.  #LEAHRAMIREZ