(Exodus 9-10, Matthew 18:1-20)

[22] Then the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward heaven, so that there may be hail in all the land of Egypt, on man and beast and every plant of the field, in the land of Egypt.” (Exodus 9:22 ESV)

God’s calling on our lives is more than just proclamation; it’s also about partnership. The plans of God involve tearing down principalities. He will uproot ungodliness and establish righteousness. When He sends us, He sends us with more than words. He sends us with demonstration.

God could have sent Moses to proclaim His intentions to Pharaoh, and then fulfilled His own word. But God desired more than prophetic words from Moses, He desired a co-laborer. He brought Moses into the strategy for the deliverance of Israel. He called for Moses to stretch out his own hand. He called him into partnership!

The humility of our God! He brings us in to the plans of His heart for nations. He is surely the God of our salvation, our deliverance and healing… but He calls us to stretch out our hands. He calls us to be part of His plans, of His ministry.

I know some who have grown bitter towards the Lord. They accuse Him of being absent to heal, slow to deliver. I wonder when is the last time that accuser has stretched out their hand toward heaven? Who is waiting on whom? Are you waiting on God, or is He waiting on you?