(Genesis 31-32, Matthew 10:24-42)

[38] And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. (Matthew 10:38 ESV)

There is a way of preaching Christ that denies His worth. There is a way of declaring salvation that voids its value. The Gospel can be presented as inexpensive…even cheap. Instead of messengers of fire manifesting Gospel power, we see charlatans, wolves in sheep clothing, presenting a cheap grace. These waterless clouds preach a form of godliness, which denies any real power.

Jesus does not present Himself as worthless. In fact, He calls us to forsake all, to lay down everything, in responsiveness to His supreme value. Humility is not about bowing down like a reed, it’s about acknowledging the truth. Jesus knows who He is. He calls us to know who He is.

Reject any message, any “gospel,” that denies the worthiness of Christ. Following Jesus is costly. Jesus doesn’t deny this. To follow Him requires everything… all of your heart, all of your mind, soul and strength. Jesus does not deny this, rather He calls us into it.

Following Christ is costly, but He’s worth it. Whatver loss we incur, we count it as gain, because in the losing of “it,” we have gained Him. He is worthy. He is valuable. He is all in all. Let go of anything that competes for His place in your life. Don’t be afraid. He’s more than enough!