(Genesis 36-37, Matthew 12:1-21)

[9] He went on from there and entered their synagogue. (Matthew 12:9 ESV)

We have so many programs and preferences, styles of worship and relevant messages. None of it is inherently evil. The real question is this: Whose house is it? Do we have a revelation that church is God’s house, and we are His invited guests, or is it our house, and God is our guest? Whose house is it?

When Jesus was going from city to city, casting out demons and healing the sick, declaring the Gospel and manifesting the power of His kingdom, the Bible say’s that He “entered their synagogue.” The phrase should trouble us, and cause us to consider whether it’s just as true for Jesus today… in the place we gather for worship.

Whose house is it? In our assemblies, our corporate gatherings, is Christ at home? Does He stand at the door of our services and knock?

In another passage, Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” If prayer is not central to our corporate gatherings, we may be shocked at the realization that though we have lot’s of Christian activity, even glorious ministry, we have made a home where our God is a guest.

If we find Jesus on the outside, let’s do more than open the door to Him…Let’s tear down the walls that kept Him out.