(Exodus 1-3, Matthew 15:21-39)

[25} God saw the people of Israel—and God knew. (Exodus 2: 25 ESV)

Our God sees, our God hears and our God will act. He will not be silent forever. There is a great deception… namely, that our God is far off, even aloof. That He is distant and lofty. We can even tend to believe it, especially when we are going through tribulation, when we are suffering. During difficulties there will arise a temptation to malign the character of God, and we can fall into the trap of believing a lie about His nature. This lie will produce the fruit of death within us.

Our God is not far off. He’s near. He’s closer than a brother. When God heard the cry of Israel, the Bible says that He “knew.” He knew! It wasn’t a presumptive knowledge, rather He was acquainted with the suffering in that cry. He knew!

What did God do? How did He respond to Israel’s cry? He began to burn in a bush that Moses saw. Moses turned aside to see that glorious burning, and God spoke to Him. God spoke to Moses about the cry of oppression from Israel.

Why is there such a long delay from when our cry goes up and freedom? It’s not that God doesn’t hear. God is calling out from burning bushes still today… the question is whether or not we will hear and answer Him. God brings freedom to oppression, by raising up deliverers. God knows!