(Exodus 39-40, Matthew 24:1-22)

[33]… So Moses finished the work. [34] Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle. (Exodus 40:33-34 ESV)

Glory and obedience go together. The pleasure and presence of God descend on the completed work of obedience. There are many who desire glory, and this is good! We should all desire the glory of God, but we should not maintain superstitions about it. Glory rests on the finished work of obedience.

Moses regarded the commands of God. He set his heart and his energy to fulfill what the Lord spoke. And finally it was complete. Finally it was accomplished. This is what the Lord released glory upon.

We cannot expect glory to rest on our disregard. We should not expect glory to come upon faithlessness. The Lord is raising up a people who regard His Word. They follow through with what they have perceived are the desires of His heart. Rest assured, the Lord will release His glory on such a people. We are now the tabernacle of God. When we regard His leadership in our lives, conforming to the specificities of His desires, He will most certainly release His pleasure over us. Set your heart to complete obedience. You don’t need to pursue glory, rather pursue obedience.