(Genesis 41, Matthew 13:1-32)

[1] After two whole years, Pharaoh dreamed… [14] Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they quickly brought him out of the pit. (Genesis 41:1, 14 ESV)

The Bible is full of “suddenlies!” And suddenly, there was the sound of a might rushing wind (Acts 2). And suddenly, a light shone from heaven (Acts 9) And suddenly, the earth began to quake (Acts 16). Suddenlies are glorious! We love these epic moments of breakthrough.

However, before every suddenly there is usually a tedious delay. Delay does something a suddenly cannot do! Delay teaches us obedience. Delay works within us to form the character of God. Delay teaches us how to wait on the word, how to yield to the revelation of God, and how to worship in the midst of hardship. Delay is a mighty shaper!

No disciple of Jesus will get out of the discipline of delay. It’s so important to hear the Word of the Lord for our lives. This is necessary, but we must commit to the process of regarding this word. We must yield to the timing of God without losing hope. God knows what He is doing. His aim in us is simple: to form Christ within us. Even our Jesus is waiting on the promise of His Kingdom to come in the earth.   Even Jesus is yielded in delay.

We pray, “Come Jesus! Come quickly!” And in the delay, we do not grow weary.