(Deuteronomy 26-27, Mark 15:1-26)

And the inscription of the charge against him read, “The King of the Jews.” (Mark 15:26)

The greatest affront to us, to mankind, is that God would presume to be God. Man doesn’t mind sacrifice, even extreme sacrifice, but to be called to worship… to be called to acknowledge that God is owed something, evokes the Great Rebellion once again.

We resent this claim of Kingship, this claim of Lordship, so much, that we were willing to make it our sole indictment against the One who loved and came for us.

“Well, I wasn’t there! I didn’t put Him on a cross. I didn’t charge Jesus.”   We have all accused the Lord. From the very first act of rebellion in the Garden of Eden, rather than taking responsibility for disobeying, Adam accused God… that accusation, like a mutant strand of DNA has followed us down through the ages.

The inscription written against Jesus pertained to His identity. We charged Him with it! Jesus is not only the King of the Jews, He is King of all Kings. He is Lord of the earth. He is owed not just something, but all. Let’s lay down the charge, let’s put to rest the indictment, and once and for all let’s fall down at His feet and worship Him.