(Numbers 16-17, Mark 6:33-56)

And he stood between the dead and the living, and the plague was stopped. (Numbers 16:48 ESV)

In all of our conferences about apostles and prophets, I wonder if we have understood that the foundation of our calling does not rest on our charisma, but rather on the revelation of the priesthood. We are a royal priesthood. Whatever else we may be, we have been brought into the priesthood of all believers. May we not only understand it, but may we step into it.

This is not popular to preach today.   Most popular preachers declare a one dimensional God who apparently is always happy. And while it’s true that Jesus was and is anointed with the oil of gladness above all of His companions… it’s also true that our God has other emotions. In the book of Numbers, the Lord was angry with Israel. Israel grumbled and complained and rebelled. And there was a day that His anger burned toward them.

Aaron, the priest, was sent out to stand in the gap. His very person making intercession on behalf of the people. He stood in the breach! This is priestly. To stand before the Lord on behalf of the people. Come into your calling. You don’t need the mic. You don’t need a platform. Your place in before the Lord.   Seek His face. He’s all the audience you need. May we never outgrow priestliness! This is our primary calling, whatever else we do. May we do it with all of our hearts.