(2 Kings 12-14, John 5:25-47)

I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not receive me. If another comes in his own name, you will receive him. (John 5:43)

Shiny logos, slick marketing, and puffed-up titles mark the day. I wonder if our Jesus would have passed the test? I wonder if our Jesus would have been successful in ministry?

It pains me to see so many pursuing glory and accolades from one another, all in the name of Jesus. Jesus Himself did no such thing. He didn’t come with pomp and circumstance. Remember? He came as a lowly babe. He made His grand entrance in a manger. He was entrusted to working class parents, who taught Him the trade of carpentry. He allowed Himself to be easily disregarded. He had no form that we should take notice (Isaiah 53). He was and is the Son of God, but His favorite title for himself was the Son of Man.

I am crying out to see a generation raised up with more regard for the Father’s name than their own. We need those who are sent, not those who think ministry is a “good gig.” Don’t you know the hired hands will leave the flock when the going gets tough? Only those, who are shepherds after His heart, will lay down their lives for the sheep. God, raise up the nameless and faceless to bring in your end-time harvest. We need another sending!