(Exodus 16-18, Matthew 19:16-30

[11] Whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed, and whenever he lowered his hand, Amalek prevailed. (Exodus 17:11 ESV)

God is raising up deliverers today: those who will respond to His call and lead their generation out of bondage and the yoke of slavery. Moses is a type. And what God did with one man in the Exodus story, He will do again with many deliverers in the end times. We are living in that time.

Moses was learning how to be a deliverer. He had never delivered a people before! He had never partnered with God in times past. He was learning. God disciples us along the way, during the journey. We don’t sit in heavenly places, taking notes for the journey to come. We learn on the fly! We learn when there are real lives at stake. This is how God trained Moses. This is how Jesus discipled his twelve. And this is how the Holy Spirit equips us.

Moses was learning. Real victory is won in the high places. God led Moses to the mountain and taught him how to lift his hands above the battle… God taught Moses how to make intercession. Lifting our hands to God in the midst of battle doesn’t come naturally…but in the end, God will teach us this wisdom. Moses learned. So can we. When the battle was finally won, Moses declared this truth, “The Lord is a banner over us.” Its not lifted hands that won the fight… No! Victory came from accessing the reality of God.